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Fintech Industry Orientation Workshops

  • Fintech 101 : A review for Financial professionals
  • 21st Century Quant: Technologies every quant should know


2-day bootcamps on specific topics

  • Machine Learning Workshop
  • Blockchain Deep Dive
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Regtech: Model and Data Governance


Eight-week Certificate Program

A part-time weekly program covering the 8 core components of Fintech

Coming (online & Boston) in Fall 2017!


The eight core areas of innovation driving opportunities in Fintech

  • Payments

    Payment processing, transfers, rewards etc.

    Companies like PayPal, Square, Toast are revolutionizing payment processing and reward programs. This is just a beginning!

  • Blockchain

    Digital currency, smart contracts, DLT

    With Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Systems technology maturing, Coinbase, Ethereum, Hyperledger and many startups are racing towards the next revolution!

  • Trading and Investments

    Robo Advisors, Investment management etc.

    As Roboadvisors like Wealthfront and Betterment take a share from traditional mutual funds, large asset managers are seriously looking at fintech investments.

  • Planning

    Retirement planning,Education planning etc.

    Traditional planning tools no longer suffice to entice Millennials and other demographics to save. New tools and methods are being sought out and companies like Mint are tapping into the opportunity.

  • Lending

    Crowdfunding,P-2-P lending, alternative money raising platforms

    Companies like Lending club and SoFi are providing alternate money lending platforms providing new and regulatory concerns.

  • Insurance

    Underwriting, comparison platforms etc.

    Companies like Lemonade and Oscar are catching the attention of the behemoths of the insurance industry and challenging the status quo!

  • Big Data & Analytics

    AI & Big Data solutions, Alternative data etc.

    No longer a fad, Silicon Valley is coming to Wall street challenging many existing paradigms in data storage, computation and human decision making.

  • Security

    Cyber security, Authentication, Encryption etc.

    With opportunity comes risk. Many regulatory and security concerns are being raised. The rapid growth in the fintech provides opportunities to entrepreneurs to address the huge security challenges and companies like Veracode and Telesign are striving hard to address these challenges.

Advisory Services

Objective & Customized Guidance

Investment Due Diligence

We assist investors in Due Diligence of Fintech companies

Product Acceleration

We assist Fintech Companies in accelerating their product life-cycle

Thought Leadership and Advocacy

QuantUniversity frequently publishes research and opinions in leading financial journals and presents at various conferences

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